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Businesses in the time of the Coronavirus: believing in recovery is imperative for everyone

These are tough times for businesses and workers. The flu virus that has caused what the WHO now recognises as a pandemic is not as lethal, but more contagious, than previous ones and risks bringing our imposing health system to its knees. And the lightness in interpreting the first contagions makes Italy’s international credibility vulnerable, to the point that it plays the thankless and undeserved role of the plague-spreader of Europe. Who […]

The web: new opportunities in a sea ripe for exploration

The possibilities that the web offers to the new (skilled) generations of managers are considerable and in many cases well-paid as well.  The web has opened up new scenarios on the work front and from nanotechnology engineering via the blockchain manager to social media networking, the horizons for web professionals are expanding..   These are […]

Italy: competitiveness is the starting point to shine once more

Recovering competitiveness is the challenge of the next twenty years, according to analysts’ studies. During 2018, competitiveness continued getting worse until it fell apart: in 1999 we were placed 30th in the world in the Imd ranking of Lausanne; in 2019 we fell to 44th place. This dizzying decline cannot be recovered at the same growth rate before 2039. A  nation’s competitiveness on the market is […]

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