The recruitment method: the right man in the right place

After defining the Job Profile based on the client’s requests, we plan the research activities in relation to professional skills, company particularities, analysis of competitors, the sector and the geographical area of reference. Subsequently we start the actual selection process that consists of scrupulous individual interviews, which our staff handles with extreme discretion and due attention.

Thanks to our territorial organization, we are able to efficiently and promptly manage quantitatively demanding selection processes on a national scale, acting as true partners of our Customers for ambitious projects.

Organizing an assessment center: the most effective tools

The Assessment method allows you to focus on the different skills people have and compare them with those expected in a certain job position.

It is a method of behavior evaluation, designed to minimize all possible sources of distortion or error, with the aim of ensuring all participants the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills and abilities through a series of standardized tools.

The method in fact stands out for the plurality of objective tools by which different aspects related to potential can be assessed; its evaluators who analyze the participants from different points of observation; its objective measurement of different aspects; its transparency of results that are communicated to the candidates during the assessment.

The most used tools are: personality test/survey; collective exercises and interviews.

The assessment in fact can have different uses:

  • Selection and Promotion;
  • Evaluation of Potential;
  • Diagnosis related to training and development needs;
  • Development;
  • Individual Assessment;

Benchmarking: which way?

Once the reference model has been defined, we move on to search for data relating to the market: the business area, main competitors, organizational structures, remuneration model, ability to attract talents.

The screening and processing of collected information follows and the definition of the reference models report (retributive, organizational and managerial) for each competitor, sector and reference area. The process ends with the presentation of results to management.

Mapping and Scouting for an informed choice

Have the right overview of the external market to understand organizational changes and know the score on competitors. Analyze single areas to different degrees.

The extent of mapping can be calibrated simply to the organizational structure or be widened to include its respective managers in the assessment.

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