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New Government: what is the world of work scenario?

As the Centre-right government takes office in Italy the national and international scenario is coming to grips with the war.  The economic recovery that was just around the corner is slowing down because of external factors, with the situation in the Ukraine and its consequent high energy costs, but inflation is also at an all-time […]

Europe: demographic transition is a possible goal

Not just sustainability and digital. One of the objectives that Europe sets itself in its transition to the future after the painful crises of 2008 and the COVID-19 emergency is precisely the growth of the demographic factor, and its revaluation. According to the report drawn up by the Croatian Dubravka Šuica the vice president of […]

Symptomatic and asymptomatic cases, what changes will the compulsory green pass bring and what are the containment strategies?

On Wednesday, January 30th, everything is changing when the green pass will become compulsory on all public transport, in offices – public and private – and in entertainment venues.  From schools to gyms, January 30th is destined to mark the divide between those who can and those who cannot anymore.  Yet mandatory vaccination will not […]

Green Pass in Italy: all the issues of a necessary act

No sooner had the appropriateness of making the vaccine compulsory been aired than that part of Italy that is opposed to change (even when it is necessary) made its voice heard through populist leaders who, during their eternal election campaign, have loudly refused the eventuality of enforcing vaccination. The prospect of the green pass becoming […]

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