Cosm Consulting

About Us

  • Cosm Consulting was founded in 1995 in partnership with Horton International to meet the needs of the local and national market. Over the years it has established itself as a reliable point of reference, collaborating to offer services tailored to the needs of the customer: effective, fast and scrupulous.
  • Today, Cosm Consulting is able to support you in Recruitment Services and Business Intelligence: Assessment, Benchmarking, Scouting & Mapping, Mentoring, Talent Monitoring.
  • Recruitment of new resources, in particular Middle management profiles – managers, professionals and talents – will be the prerequisite for building a strong future with a winning team.


Cosm Consulting becomes your exclusive partner because of the features that make its consultancy effective and timely: it knows the corporate culture and the value of human resources, it moves among the world players, it has mastery of market dynamics thanks to its deep, consolidated ability to analyse the scenario.

Its partnership with Horton International, of which Cosm Consulting is in effect the structure dedicated to Middle Management, guarantees a global vision and a careful and personalized approach to customer needs.

Highly specialized professionals and talents with high potential: this is the dimension of our company and these two types of profiles are increasingly important today as part of the digital revolution. It is in these two profiles that the competitive advantage that Cosm Consulting can provide your company lies.


  • We firmly believe in constant, progressive improvement in order to achieve company objectives, whilst continuing to adhere to the established principles of good business.
  • We use the most innovative motivational strategies: they inspire us in the harmonious development of our employees and in our work to support our clients, ever attentive to the corporate climate and corporate.
  • Virtuous loyalty to the ethical code has distinguished us since our foundation: we believe in the development and protection of human and environmental resources.

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