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The web: new opportunities in a sea ripe for exploration

The possibilities that the web offers to the new (skilled) generations of managers are considerable and in many cases well-paid as well.  The web has opened up new scenarios on the work front and from nanotechnology engineering via the blockchain manager to social media networking, the horizons for web professionals are expanding..   These are […]

Influencer: ends the era of free adv

The Influercer is outlined as a figure in digital marketing but explodes as a phenomenon in the era of Instagram, making real star models or starlettes and bringing them to the fore. From Kylie Jenner directly from the award-winning Kardashian firm to Chiara Ferragni, They are a real war machine in fact, and they just […]

Head Hunter 4.0

New technologies such as Skype interviews, big data, profiling and curriculum assessment software have transformed recruitment methods and made life easier for recruiting specialists. But when it comes to executive recruitment, this factor is not what makes the difference. So what about Headhunter 4.0? They are those who can offer business consultancy services. We discuss […]

Switch The Language

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