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Sustainable business: the 3Ps of the future

The future is green. That includes above all the future of companies that want to win the challenge of the market. When can a company be defined as sustainable? Three keywords identify it: Planet, People and Profit. The three P paradigm was theorized by John Elkington in 1994 and was taken up and subsequently implemented […]

Businesses in the time of the Coronavirus: believing in recovery is imperative for everyone

These are tough times for businesses and workers. The flu virus that has caused what the WHO now recognises as a pandemic is not as lethal, but more contagious, than previous ones and risks bringing our imposing health system to its knees. And the lightness in interpreting the first contagions makes Italy’s international credibility vulnerable, to the point that it plays the thankless and undeserved role of the plague-spreader of Europe. Who […]

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